AlsaTraductions: a one stop shop for all your translations in the Alsace region, at the heart of Europe!


Technical translations with local partners as a gateway to the world!

By entrusting AlsaTraductions with your documents, you benefit from the subtle combination of German quality, Swiss precision and French style.
Find out about the translation process in 6 steps


1. Contact

Do you have documents that need to be translated? Please feel free to contact us! The preferred option is for you to send us the documents by e-mail. Do not forget to specify the desired target language(s) for each document. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

2. Free, customised quote

We provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, adapted to meet your deadlines and requirements. We can offer you a whole range of additional services tailored to your requirements (pre-translation, post-translation, general secretarial, computer graphics design services), so feel free to inform us of your requests.

3. Translation

Translation is always carried out by a professional who translates into his or her mother tongue and is specialised in the subject field covered by the text. Our translators are proficient in the use of various terminology management software, which ensures the consistency of all your communication over time. AlsaTraductions will remain your single point of contact, even if you have a document translated into several languages.

4. Proofreading and additional services

The translated text is systematically submitted to a reviewer who checks the accuracy of the message conveyed, as well as the fluidity of the target text (in accordance with the fundamental principles of European quality standard BS EN-15038:2006).
Depending on your requirements, the text can then be laid out in DTP software, printed, direct-mailed, downloaded to an FTP site or simply sent to your e-mail address.

5. Delivery and commitments

The translated text is delivered to you on time and in the desired format. This is one of our 8 commitments!

6. Payment

Payment within 45 days of the end of the month. We prefer bank transfers, but also accept payments by cheque and in cash.