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AlsaTraductions: a one stop shop for all your translations in the Alsace region, at the heart of Europe!


Our 8 commitments


Our translators are professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongue and in their specialist subject fields. We abide by the fundamental principles of European quality standard BS EN-15038:2006 (in particular, systematic terminology management and proofreading of all translations before delivery).


With terminology management, we retain the bilingual files created from translations carried out on your behalf. This enables us to always use the same technical terms in your documents.
We work with specific software that memorises the translations carried out for each customer and language combination. That way, the same advertising slogan or the same technical term will always be translated in the same way. This ensures the consistency of all translations and of your overall communication over time.
You may also provide us with source and target files that have been previously translated (by an employee from your group or by another company) and even glossaries, so that we can re-use your technical terms, expressions and slogans in your future translation projects.


We offer rates that are tailored to your documents and your requirements.
English into French (EN->FR) and German into French (DE->FR) translations are carried out and corrected in-house by our team (Matthieu and Klara). A partnership with no middleman, which guarantees you an unbeatable price and shorter deadlines.
For other language combinations, you will benefit from the whole range of our expertise in translation project management. As we work regularly with the same database of external translators, we are able to offer competitive rates even for outsourced translations.
Quotes are always based on the number of source words and therefore remain fixed after validation.

Loyalty advantage

Starting from 10,000 source words per project, or 30,000 source words translated in the same subject field and the same language combination, we are able to offer you rates on a sliding scale. No longer do you need to pay full price for a sentence that has already been translated by us in previous projects.


We answer your e-mails as quickly as possible, usually within an hour.
Together we set a deadline for delivery to meet your requirements while ensuring high-quality work. At AlsaTraductions, responsiveness is never at the expense of quality! Your urgent translations can be carried out on the weekend, subject to an additional cost.


All the files you provide us with are handled confidentially. If files are sent to external translators/reviewers, they will have signed a confidentiality agreement beforehand.


DE->FR and EN->FR translations are carried out in-house and you can therefore speak directly with the translator in charge (Matthieu).
Other translations are outsourced. In this case, we take full responsibility for dealing with the different freelance translators. We will remain your single point of contact even if you want to have a document translated into several target languages.
Do you have any questions, queries or a change to be made to the translation of a technical term? AlsaTraductions will support you from start to finish in managing your multilingual communication.

Comprehensive service

More than just translation, we offer you a whole range of additional services, tailored to your requirements (pre-translation, post-translation, general secretarial and computer graphics design services).